Coronavirus operating procedures – summer 2021

As you may know, our guided trips operate in relatively small groups ranging from 8-14 guests with swimming guides and a local boat captain. All guests are required to declare that they are free of Covid-19 symptoms. In some countries, this is checked at the border entry.

Extra safety measures

1. Individual water drinking bottles
We will give every guest a water bottle to use for the week and take home with them. There will be water on the boat to refill should you need it. This will also be your water bottle for the swims.

2. Vaseline (bodyglide)
We advise you to bring your own stick for anti-chaffing while swimming in the sea. Our vaseline pack and gloves will be available for guests in case you have forgotten yours.

3. Tow-floats
We will have spare tow floats available to use should you want to swim with additional distance from others.

4. Lunch breaks (meals)
Suitable venues will be chosen for lunch meals served on the boat allowing everyone in the group to have space and time to enjoy the meal. Enhanced hygiene steps will be taken to make sure that any equipment or preparation tools are clean and ready to use.

5. Snacks and warm drinks
We will have hot water flasks available on the boat should you want to refill your bottle. We suggest to bring your own hot flask with warm drink ready to go daily. The hotel can also assist you with this in the mornings. The same applies for snacks after swims. We recommend to bring your own snack should you need one.

6. Accommodation
All of our partner hotels will follow local guidelines for safety and hygiene standards. We also advise that you bring your own face mask should this be required to wear while staying at the hotel.

7. Travel insurance
We advise all guests to have comprehensive travel insurance to cover against any event while travelling with us or to and from our locations.

8. Group size
We will only run trips with a maximum number of guests 14 and not as usual up to 16 or more (for larger groups).

We look forward to seeing you in the water!
Strel Swimming Team