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Our guides Borut and Natalie were wonderful and a pleasure to spend the time with. They went beyond the call of duty to make sure we all felt safe and enjoyed each day of our holiday in and out of the water. We swam nearly 5k every day in the most beautiful, pristine Adriatic sea around stunning Croatian islands. The trip can really accommodate every type of swimmer.
~ Mishtu, London, UK, visited Croatian Islands trip, Aug 2020

Serene swimming in turquoise waters! Delicious meals on-board, 100% safety in the water, friendly surroundings, and people from all over the world. I have been to 5 Strel swimming trips and not going to stop. The last trip was to Bozburun – Turkey in Sept2020!
– Sima, Moscow, Russia, visited Bozburun Peninsula trip, Sept 2020

It was one of the best travels with Strel Swimming Adventure Holidays! Warm and cleanest water of the Aegean Sea with all shades of blue and turquoise, swimming over the ruins of the sunken city, many islands and just wonderful company 👌! Kas, Turkey
~ Natalia, Russia, visited Lycian coast trip, Sept 2020

The Slovenian Lakes adventure was one of the best vacations I have been on over the years, exclusive nature, beautiful sites and the perfect logistics and timing, as well as everything that was done for swimmers. I felt supported, cared about and challenged! I truly recommend this trip to every swimmer.
~ Sarah, New York, USA, visited Slovenian Lakes trip, August 2019

We went on a Strel swimming holiday to Montenegro recently with a group of friends. We stayed at Tivat at Hotel Palma along the seaside. Borut and his team really looked after us. Some were better swimmers than others and once our abilities were clear, we were given choices in distance and locations! I highly recommend this trip.
~ Janet, Scottland, visited Montenegro Fjords trip, September 2019

Our guides Diane and Aoife really made it a very personal experience, really well organised and they so kindly took the different swimming abilities and levels of each person and made sure we all had a fantastic time! I will be back soon!
~ Louise, UK, visited our Lycian Coast trip in Kas, October 2019

Was the most amazing holiday and swimming combination!
~ Nadine, Cape town, South Africa, visited Croatian islands trip in June 2019

So much fun and laughter!!! .. And loads a fabulous swimming. Such a fantastic time together!! A very special holiday!
~ Adine, South Africa, visited Croatian islands trip in June 2019

The swimming conditions are fantastic, the sights are breathtaking, and everything just feels ancient — like Odysseus is going to sail up to you at any minute. Kas is fantastic, safe, and welcoming.
~Ashley, from Chicago (USA), visited Lycian coast Turkey trip in October 2018

We had a wonderful trip, and I feel every one else felt the same. We are looking forward to our next. Thank you to the whole Strel crew!
~Master swimmers, from Sydney (Australia), visited Symi island Greece trip in September 2018

This was my first swimming holiday trip and I don’t think I could have enjoyed it more.
~Kornelia, from Munich (Germany), visited Croatian island hopping trip in July 2018

Your fantastic swim vacations offer masters swimmers the opportunity to explore the beautiful open water destinations.
~David, Masters swimmer (USA), visited Elaphiti islands (Dubrovnik – Croatia) trip in July 2018

Sarah and I had a blast!  We enjoyed every aspect of the trip and appreciated all that you and your team did to make it such a great experience.  We’ll definitely be back! By the way, your drone videos are awesome!
~Peter and Sarah, Croatian Islands, visited July 2016

Best Holiday of my life. Everybody was so helpful and friendly. Will definitely be coming back and will recommend Strel Swimming to all our Water Polo friends. Sincere Thanks to Maja, Tobey and everyone at Spongiola Hotel for a wonderful holiday.
~Group of South African water polo players, Croatian Islands, visited August 2016

Fantastic swim! Crystal clear calm waters, lots of fish for company, stunning scenery and fabulous guides.
~Marylyn, from the UK, Slovenian Lakes, visited July 2015

I swam there last October with Borut and his father Martin…highly recommend this adventure in such a beautiful area on the United States…BTW water was clear, fresh and awesome!
~Thierry, Indiana, Lake Powell Canyons, visited October 2014

I came to Croatia past summer with my two daughters Laura and Katinka, we had such a lovely time, and I am really keen to go swimming with you again this year. I have my eye on the May trip to Turkey.
~Kornelia from the UK, Croatian Islands, visited 2014

Coming on the trip in Slovenia has been a great experience for me. Your swimming tips have made the difference in that now I swim longer with less effort. I have upped my weekly distance considerably ( from 2.2 to 3.5 km) and also swim front crawl only, where before I thought I had to use breaststroke as well or I would not be able to cover the distance.
~Mieke from the Netherlands, Slovenian Lakes, visited 2014

I had such a wonderful time swimming in Montenegro, with much gratitude to you for all your planning and local knowledge. What a fabulous trip.
~Helen from the UK, Montenegro Fjords, visited 2104

So many sweet memories of our trip to Europe and swim with you. The Croatian sun, which made the waters all the more magical, appears quite desirable now as Winter settles in. Certainly we miss the camaraderie we all shared on our party boat for a week. Hoping to do a swim with you next fall in Lake Powell. Can´t wait!
~Jake and Chris from USA, Croatian Islands, visited 2014

I would like to take this time to thank you and Martin for putting on one Spectacular swimming experience. Borut´s impressive diversity, and organization skills Martin´s guidance / worldly knowledge, and inspiration… made way for our best trip of a lifetime!!!
~ John Corcoran and Frances, (Canada, Lake Powell, Oct 2013)

Borut and Martin Strel have the best kept secret in open water swimming! I have swum in some pretty amazing places… between the Isles of Greece, the warm waters of the Caribbean, off the Turquoise Coast of Turkey and at least a dozen other exotic ports of call, but nothing compares to the dramatic landscapes of Lake Powell.
~ Patty Hermann, Texas, USA, (Lake Powell, Oct 2013)

Three days of swimming Lake Powell canyons is an incredible experience.
~ Scott Robinson, Australia, (Lake Powell, Oct 2013)

A HUGE thank you to Strel Swimming for an amazing unforgettable swimming adventure in Croatia. Look forward to the next swim trip with you.
~ Scott Robinson, Australia (Croatia, August 2012)

The sea was the centerpiece for the reason for coming to Croatia, six days of swimming around the islands of Sibenik with Strel Swimming. It was just awesome. Honestly, this was one of the best things I have done in a long time!
~ Nick from Australia (Croatia, August 2012)

Rob and I wanted to say a huge thank you for an incredible swimming holiday in Slovenia this August. The experience of swimming in warm, crystal clear water, surrounded by amazing scenery, is one I will never forget. Slovenia is a beautiful country. My confidence swimming in open water improved so much throughout the holiday, and swimming the entire length of Lake Bohinj was one of the best things I have ever done. The holiday was organised down to the smallest detail, and we were so well looked after in and out of the water! Thank you again, for the wonderful swims and great company. We hope to join you on another swimming adventure soon!
~ Hannah and Rob, UK (Slovenia, Aug 2012)

I just want to thank you and Martin again for some of the best few days of my life. There are no words to describe how incredible it feels to do something you love so much in such a spectacular setting. Your kindness, generosity and your willingness to accommodate everyone´s particular needs was especially noted and appreciated.
~ Beth, Florida, USA (Lake Powell, Sept 2012)

We both had a fabulous time with you and Martin and will recommend this trip to our swimming pals. Again, thanks for making this vacation memorable.
~ Colleen and Sandra, Toronto, Canada (Lake Powell, Sept 2012)

Thank you again for your great efforts at Lake Powell. It was such a great time and wonderful experience. Hope to return soon!
~ Tommi and Tia, Finland (Lake Powell, Sept 2012)

Your organisation, effort and encouragement you made in making this a special experience is appreciated by all of us. The trip was very enjoyable and we look forward to seeing you on future trips!
~ Group of seven Australians (Slovenian Lakes, Sept 2011)

Greatly enjoyed the trip, helped to improve my swimming and build confidence in doing things outside my box. Worth making it a 4 day rather than 3 day trip. Slovenia is beautiful. Everyone was so friendly. Magical holiday-Thank you very much. Also alot of laughing, joking and positivity.
~ Lindsey, Bath, UK (Slovenian Lakes, August 2011)

Amazing people, amazing locations and organised to perfection. The service was so personal and Borut and his team couldn´t do enough to help. It was a packed and tiring three days, but with lovely relaxed evenings and it was customised so that all abilities of swimmer and non-swimmer alike were catered for and able to enjoy their holiday.
~ Fiona, East Sussex, UK (Slovenian Lakes, August 2011)

As a demanding client, my expectations were high and luckily well met. Great experience, Go Strel Swimming!
~ Elias, Lebanon (Slovenian Lakes, August 2011)

I´ve swum in many rivers and lakes, but the Slovenian lakes and rivers are some of the most beautiful in the world. I´ll recommend this trip to friends.
~ Carl, UK (Slovenian Lakes, August 2011)

The Slovenian water is crystal clear and surprisingly warm – I highly recommend it to anyone who likes outdoor adventure swimming. Strel´s team was great!
~ Ben, Devon, UK (Slovenian Lakes, July 2011)

We really had the very best holiday. Everything about it was amazing, so a million thanks. We are even planning on coming to Slovenia in August for a family holiday!
~ Emma and Isabel, Calne, UK (Slovenian Lakes, July 2011)

I just wanted to say thanks so much for such a fantastic adventure in Slovenia – I really enjoyed myself. I loved the variety of the swims we did and thought that the whole trip was really well thought out.
~ Clare, London (Slovenian Lakes, August 2011)

I absolutely love your country. Your trip made it even more special, well done on organising an excellent swimming adventure!
~ Giovanna, Kent, UK (Slovenian Lakes, July 2011)

Over three days in Slovenia, I swam further than I had ever done before, repeated that distance several times, and then doubled it. Had I been in a chlorine-ridden indoor pool, I´m not sure I would have found the energy.
~ Guardian, Jonathan Knott, travel writer (Slovenian Lakes, August 2011)

The Soca is one of the many pristine rivers in Slovenia, an Arcadian land of lakes, mountains and forests that feels like an unspoilt and less uptight Switzerland.
~ Financial Times, Tom de Castella, travel writer (Slovenian Lakes, July 2011)

We really did have a fantastic time in Croatia – thank you so much! You made us all very happy indeed!
~ Sarah and Sonnove, Norway (June 2011)

I had such a wonderful time for the whole week of Croatia swimming. Can´t wait to return! Very well done.
~ Pete, South Africa (June 2011)

You made us feel that the holiday was tailored for us in many ways. The food, the evenings out, liaising between the boat crew and informing us of the best daily locations without wind.
~ John, Devon, UK (June 2011)

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