Swim Training Plan

Four-Week Swim Training Plan

We have put a together a simple 4-week swim training plan that prepares you for our swimming holiday trips. You are welcome to join our holidays even if you are unable to complete the training plan in full, but the plan certainly helps if you plan on completing the swimming distances on the itinerary.

Training Plan Structure

The four week training plan is designed for intermediate and recreational swimmers and it consists of 12 sessions. It includes all four strokes, however, the emphasis is on freestyle technique and drills. We have also included the use of kickboards, pull buoys and hand paddles. You can add some fins training time as well. The total distance of each session starts at 2000 m and then slightly increases through the weeks.

Open Water Swimming

If you swim open water you should try to achieve the distances from the training plan and please take into consideration the key differences between pool and open water swimming. The key factors are:
– water temperature,
– weather conditions,
– buoyancy (sea VS freshwater),
– navigation or sighting,
– support or escort.

Most open water swimmers achieve longer distances more easily, however, this is not the same for everyone!

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Do we cater for different levels of a swimmer?

Yes, we welcome all levels of a swimmer who are able to swim comfortably at least 2.2 km/hour. Our swims vary from 1.5-3.5 km per session. We have usually 2 or 3 escort boats (occasionally also kayaks) so that you can swim safely with others of a similar speed.  More details can be found on our FAQs site.

We usually split our group in 2 or 3 speed groups and you can find someone to swim together. Should you not meet this minimum speed requirement we reserve the right to adjust your swimming distance if necessary.

Am I ready to join our fantastic swimming adventures?

We believe so! We have over 80+ swimming trip departures available in 2022! Check it out!

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