Swimming Croatian islands
Croatian Island Hopping
Croatia-7 days
Jun. - Sep. 2022
Explore the Croatian islands on a great island-hopping swimming holiday in the Adriatic sea. Croatia’s Dalmatian coast is an area of outstanding natural beauty and [...]
Greek Symi Swimming Odyssey
Greece-7 days
Jun. - Oct. 2022
Explore this unique Greek Mediterranean island hopping swimming adventure, far away from the crowds. Symi is an enchanting Greek island of the Dodecanese group located [...]
Swimming Vacation – Loreto National Marine Park
Mexico-7 days
Nov. 2021 - Nov. 2022
Discover the magnificent Loreto Bay National Marine Park in southern Baja California and swim with a wide range of wildlife. The Sea of Cortez is [...]
Turkish Lycian Coast – Kaş
Turkey-7 days
Oct. 2021 - Oct. 2022
Our 7-day Turkish trip on the Lycian coast offers you swimming and exploring in some of the best parts of the warm Mediterranean sea. Southern [...]
Swimming Vacation Lake Powell
Arizona-4 days
May. 318857 - Jan. 1970
Lake Powell´s geological formations in the southwestern region of the United States are about as magnificent as anyone can imagine. This second-largest man-made lake on [...]
Bozburun Peninsula
Turkey-7 days
Jun. - Oct. 2022
Discover this unspoilt open water sea swimming destination along the Bozburun peninsula in the picturesque corner of southwest Turkey. Located in the Gulf of Hisaronu, [...]
Montenegro Fjords and Coves
Montenegro-6 d
Jun. - Sep. 2022
Our Montenegro trip offers an incredible setting for a great sea and fjord swimming adventure holiday. The country used to be a former constituent of [...]
Swimming Holiday in Slovenia
Slovenian Lakes and River
Slovenia-4 days
Jul. - Aug. 2022
Join in our 4 day Slovenian Lake Swimming holiday adventure in the heart of Europe. Swim in the Lake Bled (to the church island), Triglav National [...]
Croatian Elaphiti Islands – Dubrovnik
Croatia-5 days
May. 318857 - Jan. 1970
Explore the southern Dalmatian coast on this unique five-day Croatian island-hopping sea swimming holiday. Imagine swimming along high, dramatic cliffs in an ocean so blue [...]
Swim Sail Cruise – Gulf of Hisaronu
Turkey-8 days
May. - Jun. 2022
We travel and live on a luxurious traditional gulet around the Gulf of Hisaronu. Located in the southern Aegean Sea, nestled between Datcha, Bozburun peninsula [...]
Swim Sail Cruise – Lycian Way
Turkey-8 days
Oct. 2021 - Oct. 2022
Our all-inclusive liveaboard swim-sail cruise holiday in Southern Turkey offers you an incredible open water swimming experience, sailing and exploring in some of the best [...]
Swim Sail Cruise – Symi Explorer
Turkey-8 days
Jun. 2022
Join us on this unique liveaboard swimming holiday cruise adventure trip as we explore the rich history, cultures and stunning waters with magical bays of [...]
Kolpa River Swimming Holiday
Slovenia-4 days
Aug. 2021
Kolpa River is one of the cleanest and warmest freshwater rivers in Europe and it offers an excellent open water swimming destination in the summer [...]
Liveaboard Swimming Holiday – Ancient Lycia
Turkey-8 days
Oct. 2022
Discover the ancient Lycia in Southern Turkey as we explore the remote parts of this turquoise Mediterranean coast. We start our week-long luxury liveaboard swimming [...]
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