We have finished an epic swim-sail cruise trip in Turkey with a great group of open water swimmers from Australia.

We have enjoyed warm seas, averaging 25C, cracked a big variety of swims in some foul (a bit of chop) and fair seas (like a lake). We have swum in caves, along with islands of ancient ruins, completed crossings between islands and taken in some beautiful landscapes from of luxurious liveaboard home. Altogether we have cruised around 300 km and swam 55 km!

Sea turtles, fish and rays have been spotted as we have swum by. Some of our guests have tried some of the equipment on board including taking out kayaks, windsurfer and stand up paddleboard.

Everyone shared many laughs and jokes and I am sure will remember this trip for a long time. We have been very well looked after by our Turkish crew and partners and can’t wait to come back again for more fun with more Strel Swimming adventures!