This is a great poem written by our guest Steve Buxton from London who attended our Slovenian lake swimming adventure trip.

Swimming Strel Style- Lake Swimming Song

So this holiday I decided to go swimming instead

And it all started off at the beautiful Lake Bled

for sure I underestimated what lay ahead

But at least that saved me being filled with dread.

That first time in the water with Martin Strel

And about 800m across for me and my girl

“We´ve made it, we´ve done it” we were able to yell

Almost running up the steps to ring the bell.

By swimming to church, I might have gone more

As it was certainly more enjoyable than ever before

Just being in the water in such beautiful surrounds

With the lake & the mountains & such natural sounds.

Swimming Holiday Slovenia

To be swimming with such an inspirational bloke

Encourages me to keep improving my stroke

It didn´t matter being way behind the pack

As I meandered across lying on my back.

Being driven through spectacular countryside

Engaging my imagination to practice my glide

But out on the water there was nowhere to hide

Even though I tried on my front, back and side.

And so now we can swim in open water

Not quite as bad as lambs to the slaughter

Each time we swam we did more than before

Regardless of legs and shoulders that were sore.

Martin, Borut and Alex, those guys are just ace

At creating a challenging and swimmable space

They´ve shared their passion for swimming and fun

We became a family, one for all and all for one.

So adventure no 1 with Strel swimming is done

I´m grateful it was completed under the gaze of the sun

Tom, Liz And Barbara had set an impressive pace

But eventually we all arrived at the same place.

Written in August 2014 by Steve Buxton from London, UK