One of the world’s foremost long distance swimmers was in Page, Arizona leading a swimming tour at Lake Powell.

Some people like to swim with dolphins, but an increasing number also enjoy Martin Strel Swimming Adventures in Arizona. Swimmer’s skills vary from avid swimmers to recreational amateurs who come here for pure adventures and stunning scenery.

Strel may be most famous for swimming rivers like the Mississippi, the Yangtze, the Amazon and much more.  Strel has swum in crocodile and piranha infested waters, sub-freezing temperatures, and in piercing heat.  Strel’s passion for the environment is as impressive as his physical presence and almost superhuman stamina.  He celebrated his 58th birthday in Page while leading an international swimming tour group, along with his son Borut, through various parts of Lake Powell, Padre Bay, Rainbow Bridge and Navajo Canyon.

Strel may originally hail from Slovenia but his love of America is evident in both words and actions. 

On September 5th Strel swam from the Statute of Liberty to the Freedom Tower in New York City.  Strel says he dedicated his “Liberty to Freedom” swim to the victims and heroes of 9-11, and to a future free from terrorism, committed to peace.

Strel and son Borut start their preparation for their adventure swims early in the morning, often working until late in the evening 7-days a week.  They travel constantly, all across the USA and around the world, leading swimmers in diverse waters with equally diverse conditions.  Both men describe swims in Lake Powell, Arizona as “excellent” with a splendid water temperature and unbelievably scenic backdrop that is always a crowd pleaser.

Strel says he’s already planning to bring more adventure swimmers to back next year. Strel Swimming aim to provide world class swimming adventures in Arizona and Europe for many years to come.

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