Marathon swimmer, Martin Strel, today nicknamed Big River Man, made history on Easter Day, April 08, 2007. He swam 5268 kms (3274 miles) of the Amazon river in 66 consecutive days and received global recognition.

No other person has ever tried to achieve this feat. The entire world and all media outlets were following him, trying to figure out how he had achieved such a remarkable feat. Martin´s achievement was honored by a Guinness world record and Big River Man, a feature-length documentary that was released at Sundance film festival (January 2009) and received the Best Cinematography award! Expedition writer, Matthew Mohlke, wrote a book »The Man Who Swam The Amazon« which was published in several countries and translated into many languages.

Today, five years from the expedition, Martin still swims and is planning a new expedition for 2013. Apart from swimming, he does public speaking, lots of interviews and media appearances, collaborates with several companies to help them make the best products and together with his son Borut runs Strel Swimming Adventures, their family swimming adventure tour business.

The Amazon Swim Expedition would have never happened without an incredible support team. Over 100 people were involved in the project operation, including Peruvian, Brazilian and Slovenian military, governments, embassies, local authorities, several medical universities and telemedicine doctors and specialists, scientists, IT specialists, website team, filmmakers, photographers, PR team, boat and navigation crew, swimming team, etc. We were working hard day and night for many weeks focused on one goal, to reach the end, and finally we did it, once and for ever! We would like to thank the entire expedition team and others involved, and promise to keep our website alive for many years, so everybody can have a look and touch this remarkable project.

Happy Easter Holidays!

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