If you love swimming and exploring the sea, lake or river, then what better way to do it than to join Strel Swimming Adventure club?

Let´s have a look at some of the great health benefits of swimming.

Rather than sitting on a boat and looking out into the ocean trying to spot fish and coral, we embrace the water which allows us to get a great view of the sea creatures. The view is far more spectacular once you´ve dived a couple of feet into the water because you can really experience the beautiful coral and see the fish.

If most of your vacations involve chilling out on the beach with a drink, or playing partypoker on your netbook under a sunshade, but this time you fancy doing something more active, adventurous and exciting, then joining a guided swimming club like ours sounds perfect for you. Swimming is not only a great way to admire the vibrant colors of the coral, but it is also a great form of exercise. Most of us put on a pound or two on vacation, but swimming will help to keep the weight off. No one wants to go to the gym on vacation so why not try joining a Strel swimming tour instead? 

1. Toning

Swimming is a great way to tone up because it uses all of your body´s muscles. You are pulling your own weight which means you use all of your muscles. Unlike running or aerobic excises, swimming doesn´t put any strain on your connective tissues which means you are less likely to pull a muscle or hurt yourself.

2. Healthy heart

Swimming helps to improve your circulation because it keeps the hearts beating steadily. It also makes you more supple and improves your upper body strength.

3. Relaxing

Swimming is probably one of the most relaxing and therapeutic forms of exercise. After a swimming session you are sure to feel relaxed and stretched out.