Tenerife is a stunning holiday destination with all year round sunshine. The climate is perfect for open water swimming in the Tenerife sea, where average air temperatures range between 17 C and 24 C with sea temperatures rarely dropping far below 20 C.

Wind speeds (often from Sahara desert) vary more widely during the year and the amount of swell can be affected by several factors including wind and tides. One advantage of the island is that conditions are not always constant from location to location. A quick check of a weather report can determine the best site for swimming that day. займ на карту без отказа и звонков срочно

Here are some of our favourite locations for swimming in Tenerife:
1. The cliffs at Los Gigantes

It provides a stunning backdrop for some wild coastal swimming. It is possible to swim in the small bay next to the harbour but be sure to watch out for boat traffic. The cliffs are surely magnificent and tower over 500 metres high. We would also recommend that you take a boat tour to try and see dolphins. Some of the tours stop to allow for swimmers to take a short dip. Our boat trip stopped at the end of the Masca trail, which is an excellent hike for enthusiasts. The other way of doing it is that one person take a kayak (plenty rental places there) and the other swims along. You can go for miles along the cliffs. Just watch out for any traffic as there could be jet-skis or boats passing by.

2. ‘Hippy beach’near La Caletta

It is a special location, though be sure to plan a safe entry and exit to the water. There is a small community of people living on the beach who add a fascinating character to the already stunning location. For secluded sun bathing and some adventure swimming, be sure to have a look. To get there, walk out of La Caletta along the coastal path, with the sea on your left. There are a series of beaches to be enjoyed.

3. Sea pool, La Caletta

It deserves a visit if you want an easy and relatively safe swim. The large area is enclosed by a wall which minimises the swell and makes getting in and out easy. It is a 15 minute walk from La Caletta, along the coast, keeping the sea on your right. There are usually visitors walking along, so you feel being close to the public.

4. Costa Martianez 

An absolute gem of a find offering a different type of swimming experience. Perfect for an easy swimming day, or even if you just feel like relaxing by a pool on a lounger. These man-made sea pools are artistically designed and provide a safe environment to enjoy a day. They are positioned right on the ocean and are freshly supplied with sea water. They are not heated, however the pools are not deep and so are warmed by the sun, enough for swimmers to experience a pleasantly refreshing dip.

5. T3 Sports Top Training Center

La Caletta offers a modern training facilities for variety of sports. They run 25m and 50m outdoor heated pools all year round and many swimmers and triathletes find this location attractive especially in the winter  and spring months when Europe is still cold. Other facilities are: 100x70m natural pitch, running track, indoor and outdoor gym, tennis courts, 3 beach volleyball courts, etc.

Remember; always wear a brightly coloured swimming cap to make yourself visible. Nowadays, open water swimmers also carry self-carrying tow floats when swimming on their own. Seek advice from locals to work out conditions and safety.

Tenerife offers all year round travel from several European destinations and usually deals are very good except maybe during the school holidays. Most budget airlines such as Easyjet, Ryanair, fly there and there are two airports to use (North and South Tenerife). Many Europeans move to Canary islands for part time or full time to enjoy retirement due to great climate and lower living prices.

Tenerife Swimming Video