We finished 10 amazing sea swimming trips on Symi island, Greece in the year 2019! Please see below the top 20 selected photos taken on our guided trips (Symi Swimming Odyseey) around this remote Greek island in the southern Mediterranean.

The 2019 year has been a record-breaking swimming season for us and we hosted many international open water swimmers. We together swam around 3,000 km along Symi and other smaller islands. The area offers an incredible venue for a relaxed and safe Greek swimming holiday adventure.

The island is surrounded by high mountainous terrain with several bays and sheltered areas. Most people also comment that the island is a very charming and romantic place to be for a week break away.

We usually never cancel a swimming day out with a boat, so all swimmers get to swim the maximum amount on our trips. Being further south in the Mediterranean also means that the sea temperature around Symi island remains very warm long into October.

What more can you ask for a Greek island hopping swimming holiday?

Our week-long swimming trip itinerary:

Day 1: meet at our base – Pedi Beach hotel at 18.30 for a trip briefing. Followed by a welcome dinner.
Day 2: short acclimatization swim at Pedi bay beach, boat drive to our swim from St .George’s bay to Nanou bay and second swim out of Nanou bay. Video stroke analysis in the evening.
Day 3: morning and afternoon swim around Nimos island (Taviri Bay and Diapori channel).
Day 4: two swims (morning and afternoon) in and out of the Marathounta bay. Lunch at the taverna.
Day 5: morning swim at Maroni bay, lunch at Toli bay and afternoon swim at Sidoras bay.
Day 6: morning 3.5 km swim from Diapori crossing towards the Nimporios (Emborio village). Walk to the village, lunch at the taverna. Afternoon swim from Agia Marina island to Pedi bay.
Day 7: final morning walk and swim from Nikolas beach to our hotel. Farewell.

Weekly swimming distance is usually around 25-26 km. All levels of open water swimmers are welcome to join (please check our minimum required speed at FAQs) and we also have kayaks and stand up paddleboard to use if you cannot swim the whole distances or you may bring a friend or family member along. Kayaking or stand up paddling is also a great and fun adventure.

We already have several 2020 swimming trip dates open for June, July, September, and October.

Video clips of Greek Island Hopping Symi Swimming Odyssey