Our swimming friend Karen Reeder from usopenaterswimming.org is organizing a great Virtual Open Water Swim Challenge that takes you swimming from Alaska to Mississippi river to Great Salt Lake and more.

Eligibility: Open to anyone who swims! 

Categories: Participants pick ONE of 5 goal distances to complete within the 6 month time-frame.  After sign up, the swimmer will receive a swim log form to keep track of their yardage.  Distance categories are listed below.  Swimming anywhere, open water or pools counts for yardage.  Distances swum in meters can be converted to yards here.

1) 50 miles Atlantic City to Cape May, NJ – 88,000 yards: averaging 3,382 yards per week.

2) 100 miles in the Great Salt Lake, Utah -176,000 yards: averaging 6765 yards per week.

3) 150 miles, Anchorage to Homer, Alaska – 264,000 yards: averaging 10,150 yards per week.

4) 200 miles, Corpus Christi to Galveston, Texas – 352,000 yards: averaging 13,530 yards per week.

5) 250 Miles down the Mississippi River, Missouri – 440,000 yards: averaging 16,712 yards per week.

Awards: The person that completes the distance and submits their swim log FIRST will receive a $40 gift certificate from Kiefer Swim Shop and Kiefer gift certificates will be awarded for 2nd – 5th place in each category.  More prizes may be added depending upon participation levels for each category.  A prize winners’ mileage CANNOT BE higher than the average for the next higher distance category.  If you are unsure about which category to choose, contact the entry chairman. 

You can read more information here and sign up now.

Web: http://usopenwaterswimming.org/