Best Fitness Holidays

Below is an extract from Men’s Fitness Magazine about the best fitness holidays in Europe. Our Croatian Island Hopping trip is recommended.

Life is short, and holidays are even shorter. Reject the limits of the mini-break and invest in a swim holiday that will leave you invigorated – and in better shape than ever.

Go Island Hopping in the Adriatic

Feel at home in open water? Then take your aquatic skills to Croatia´s Dalmatian coast. Over a week you will swim between the islands in the Sibenik archipelago, covering an average of 4km a day in the water. The route is organised by Strel Swimming, co-founded by Martin Strel, who is famous for swimming the length of the Amazon, Yangtze, Paraná, Mississippi and Danube rivers. Unlike those rivers, the sea around the Dalmatian coast has some of the cleanest water in the Mediterranean so you just have to worry about your stroke efficiency.

´We expect you to be able to swim at least 2 km per hour,´ says Martin´s son Borut. ´To prepare you should swim up to three times a week covering 2-3 km each session.´ There are escort boats that can break away with faster or slower swimmers so you won´t get left alone.

Apart from our swimming holiday trips, there are many other fitness adventures on offer. From cycling across Central America, trekking the Mont Blanc, cross country skiing in Norway, diving in the Red Sea, to running the Spartathlon in Greece! Which one gets your best vote?

Our holiday is rated as a great value package that requires some fitness (swimming) in open water and is ranked as a great thrill.

Article was published in March 2015 edition of Men´s Fitness Magazine, UK.