Open water swimming is an increasingly popular activity, with people taking to inland lakes, rivers and canals as well as the open sea to reap the benefits of this exhilarating form of exercise.

Inland lakes and rivers are ideal for beginners and experienced swimmers alike, and many lake and mountainside resorts offer open water swimming alongside other nature inspired activities such as walking and cycling. You can find lakes and mountains resorts holidays at Inghams in European destinations including Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia. The superb Alpine countryside in these regions is the ideal setting for nature breaks.

Slovenia Lake Swimming

Open water swimming has all the health benefits of indoor swimming, such as developing cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength, as well as improving flexibility, coordination and boosting energy levels. It is an excellent activity for weight control and stamina building. Because swimming does not impact on the joints like running and similar exercises, it is good for people with back or joint problems who may not be comfortable with land based exercise.

Open water swimming has additional benefits thanks to the even gentle currents found in open water that can build muscle strength. Swimming in natural environments also avoids the chlorinated water found in indoor swimming pools. Open water swimming can be an extremely fun and sociable activity, and many people find getting out into the fresh air a rejuvenating and energising experience both physically and mentally.

Slovenia Lakes Swimming

Newcomers to open water swimming should start gently in the summer months when the water is warmer. Other safety considerations include swimming in designated areas where required and always testing the water first, as well as being aware of location at all times.

Open water swimming is a great way to connect with nature and become immersed into the beautiful countryside. Swimming in pristine lakes while on a lake and mountain holiday is the perfect way to combine refreshing exercise and appreciation of the natural environment.