We were proud to meet a wonderful family from the Unites States which came all the way to Slovenia to swim with us.

Believe it or not, they had a fantastic time and even put together a blog where they share their first hand experiences from the trip. The blog is called “Swimming Smiths”.

Here is their experience from visiting and swimming at the waterfall Kozjak:

´´After warming up with hot tea and dried fruit we changed and headed to a small mountain village in Slovenia for pizza. Almost the entire group ordered hot soup for lunch.

We devoured our soup and then headed out for our hike in the Triglar National Park to swim in the Kozjak Waterfalls. We were told that the waterfall might be too high because of the recent rain and could be too dangerous to swim in. We hiked through a beautiful forest and over a tiny wooden rope bridge that resembled something out of an Indiana Jones movie. The rope bridge was over the icy blue/green waters of the River Soca which we would be swimming in later that afternoon. We all shivered at the thought as the water looked like the coldest mountain water we’d ever seen.

We hiked up to the Slap Kozjak (waterfall) and walked on the trail while our guides scurried ahead to check on the state of the waterfall. “We think it’s too high for swimming, but you can swim down from the waterfalls if you like.” We were all a little bummed as we took photos of the slap. Soon we saw our Dutch companion in his speedo slowly making his way to the falls. We all looked at each other and made the decision to follow the Dutchman into the unknown.

One of our guides accompanied us to the falls and showed us the best place to leap into the water and then scale the rocks to get to the waterfall. Rachael, Laura and Elizabeth completed this feat and enjoyed swimming at the base of the slap with a current so strong we could swim in place and not move an inch forward (In the photo above you can see the three of us together in the water on the left side of the photo). Swimming in the waterfall was simply one of the most amazing experiences we’ve ever had.´´

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