Swimming on Symi island, Greece

This past week on Symi island, Greece, we hosted a great open water swimming group from Melbourne, Australia.
Most of the guests have done our trips in the past and regularly come to Europe to swim in open water. Greek island hopping has been on their list for a while and we believe our Symi tour was an excellent choice.
There were 24 guests in the whole group and a total of 19 swimmers who were swimming 6 days in a row with us. Some swimmers came together with their partners who enjoyed staying at Pedi beach seafront hotel while their partners were doing daily swims with us.
Pedi is a small and peaceful bay about 3km away from the main port of Yialos, where all the boats and ferries come and go. We have chosen Pedi bay as our base due to its great location for our swims and quietness of our hotel, Pedi Beach.
Swimmers this week come from different backgrounds and most of them swim all year round at home in Australia. The Mediterranean waters are very calm and pleasant for them and therefore, they often ask for a bit more challenging swims or longer distances. We did some great swims this week including: 5km swim around Nimos island and 3.5km island hopping swim between three islands and several coastal swims along the beautiful bays on Symi.
Some swimmers regularly attend long-distance swimming challenges and races such as: Rottnest Channel swim marathon (20km), English channel crossing (35km) and other similar events.

It was hard to leave at the end of such an amazing week. Some swimmers have booked two trips in a row and are off now to do our swimming trip on the Lycian coast in Turkey! We are off in the water again!