We want to share with you a guest review for our Turkey swim cruise trip. Jo did the trip in May this year and has written about her experience.

Turkey is a beautiful country to visit and a fantastic location for our swim cruise trips. Here is Jo’s review for the Lycian way cruise, May 2019:

I am a passionate swimmer, so a week on a gullet with the beautiful Mediterranean surrounding me was appealing.

As a lone traveler, I was slightly trepidatious about how would I feel being on a boat with people I didn’t know. We were an international group and these strangers soon became friends as we shared our experiences; swimming, eating and relaxing together.


This was my first Strel holiday but many of the other guests were returning customers.

The gullet was magnificent with so much space and comfort. There were numerous areas to lay or sit in the shade or the sun and two large tables where we enjoyed delicious meals.

Turkish cuisine is wonderful and every meal was a banquet of fresh local food with lots of variety.

Joseph, Fatima and their crew created an atmosphere of calm and took great care of us.

Most of the guests were there to swim, whilst some opted to use the canoes and stand up paddleboards available.

Our day would start with a swim (or canoe), returning to the gullet for breakfast. We would spend the rest of the morning relaxing, reading, sunbathing or simply watching the world go by as the boat traveled. There were turtles to spot and the ruins of ancient civilizations to discover.

We would have lunch and pause either for a walk to explore what’s on land or for some more swimming, snorkeling or paddleboarding.


A second swim was later in the afternoon, followed by tea and cake.

We would sit on deck with a drink, watching the sun set before dinner.

And so the week blissfully passed.

The Strel guides were supportive and accommodating. Nothing was too much trouble.

Divided into groups according to how fast we swam, we were accompanied by the guides, plus the guests who chose to canoe. Every swim felt like a team adventure as we set off united with a plan and destination.

We were videoed and given tips on improving our technique, which was very useful and welcome. I certainly returned to normal life as a much-improved swimmer.

If you’d like a holiday that combines a healthy routine with total relaxation, then this is the one. I returned home feeling calm, happy and fulfilled at all I had achieved. Thank you Strel for a wonderful week.

Trip attended: 18-25.May, 2019