Jane Mulderrig Ice mile swimmer

Our guest from our Montenegro trip, Jane Mulderrig, has recently achieved a great extreme ice mile swimming feat.

She swam a mile in 31:26 min in the water temperature of 2.73C in the Harthill Reservoir near Sheffield, UK.

Imagine swimming for a few minutes in this temperature in just your swimsuit, goggles and a hat! And then try to do it for over half an hour! Hats off to all who do it! Jane was proudly wearing our Montenegro trip Strel Swimming hat and texted us after the swim:

“It´s official, I´m nuts. An invigorating way to start the year. Thanks to the amazing Harthill support crew and to Vivaldi for providing the mental soundtrack to focus on when my brain started to freeze… It´s the best hat I´ve come across so far, which is why it became my lucky ice hat – I´ll be wearing it for all my outdoor swims until it wears out!…”

Ice Mile Swimming is classified as a Swim of one British -UK mile or 1,609 metres in water at a temperature of 5.00C or below. The event must be observed and recorded by observed and water temperature measured at three different places at your swim course. This is a serious undertaking and swimmers prepare for a long time to take this step.  It is a lot more than just swimming and it can lead to serious dangerous health consequences if not done properly.

Governing body for the Ice Mile swimming was established by Ram Barkai and it is based in South Africa.  All swims are confirmed by the organisation and the website lists all official Ice Milers!

Jane´s Ice Mile Swimming Statistics from 14. January, 2017:

Water Temp:2.73°C

1. Temp Reading 1:2.40°C

2. Temp Reading 2:2.80°C

3. Temp Reading 3:3.00°C

Body of Water:Lake

Fresh/Salt Water:Fresh Water

Open Water Mass:Reservoir

Swim Distance:1.00 miles

Time Taken:0:31:26

Air Temperature:6.00°C

Wind Speed:17.00 km/h

Wind Chill:2.70°C

Support: Boat

Stroke Rate 1:63/min (start of swim)

Stroke Rate 2:63/min (end of swim)

Avg Stroke Rate:63/min

Again, huge congratulations Jane! We hope to see you swimming on our holiday soon again!

Click here for more information about the Ice Mile challenge.