Best Swimming Towels

We have been thinking about what are the best swimming towels to throw in your bag to take with you to your swim. It may seem unimportant to some, however many people may have to carry their kit around with them after their session, so something lightweight that dries quickly is key.

Here are a few features that make the best swimming towels:

Lightweight: Who wants to be lugging around a big bulky towel? Unless you are going for a cold outdoor swim, where you might appreciate the warmth of a thicker fabric, then we think that choosing a light and absorbent towel is best.

Dries quickly: If you, or others in your household, are often swimming and drying towels then having ones that dry quickly makes life easier.

Looks good: Options are always great. If you like bright colours, stripes, spots, tassels or patterns then choosing a hammam towel may be best.

Multi-purpose: Take it to the pool, beach, lido or lake. Consider if you also want to use it as a cover up or an accessory, such as a sarong or scarf.

Environmentally friendly: people consider their environmental impact more and more before making purchases. It is good to choose natural, long-lasting fabrics.

Types of Towel:

Classic toweling: Great to wrap yourself in after a swim and probably the most common. All colours, sizes and qualities are available. The downside is that they can become much heavier after use and take a while to dry out.

Microfibre: These towels have been around for some time now and are great to take to the pool with you because of their lightweight, quick-drying material. They can be bought in many different colours and are generally quite cheap.

Turkish Hammam (Peshtemal): Like with the microfibre towels, Turkish towels are super absorbent. They come in a variety of colours and are quick drying.  They are lightweight, so you are able to have a larger size than a traditional towel for the same weight.  These towels are often made from 100% natural fibres rather than synthetic so environmentally aware swimmers may prefer them. We give Turkish hammam towels to our guests as gifts on all of our trips and have received great feedback about them.

Please note! The more you wash them, the more absorbent they get. Wash them on a low-temperature setting to improve absorbency.

As well as using them for drying, they are also great to use as a sun coverup, scarf or beach towel. The only problem that people have is deciding which colour to take!


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Colours available are: Navy (Dark blue), Turquoise (Light blue), Peach (Orange), Pink and Light green