Stan Lee’s documentary about Martin Strel, SUPERHUMANS – FISH MAN, hits 1.3 million views on Youtube

This Superhumans documentary is about our founder, Martin Strel. Stan Lee’s Superhumans TV series was first aired on the History Channel. Stan Lee was a renowned comic book creator and is remembered for creating many iconic Marvel superheroes including Spiderman, the Hulk, Thor and the X-Men. When Stan Lee’s team approached Martin Strel to appear in the show, Martin was thrilled to be involved in their mission to find real-life super humans.

Martin featured in the series for his amazing innate physiology which allows him to keep swimming without feeling fatigue. In the show, they tested his lactic acid levels while swimming the Colorado river which came up with astonishing results.

Martin is keeping up well and plans to be attending all of our swimming trips this year in Slovenia and Lake Powell. He also plans to take part in one of our Turkish gulet swim cruise trips. We are proud to have such a marathon swimming legend and amazing ‘Fish Man’ in our team!

If Fish Man documentary got your attention, then you should also check out this incredible story of Martin – Human Limits.

Martin still remains the only person to successfully swim the entire length of the Amazon river. The greatest swimming expedition in history took him 66 days and 3,274 miles (5268 kms). The incredible human feat was captured into a feature-length documentary Big River Man and the expedition website is still alive at