I have always been a keen swimmer and decided to travel on a holiday on my own as a single person. So when I took up open water swimming last summer I wanted a new challenge and adventure in the water.

Without initially knowing what to expect, I went on to develop a love for open water swimming. I wanted to find swimming holidays for singles and quick google search led me to the Strel swimming website.

I decided to book a swimming holiday in Croatia. As it was fairly last minute I went on my own and decided to pay the single supplement for my room. I was nervous initially as I hadn’t travelled a lot on my own before however, the organised trips were attractive to me. Strel Swimming team also helped with travel arrangements from the airport to the hotel. I was picked up by Alex, one of the lovely guides who looked after our swimming group for the week.

On my arrival at the hotel on Krapanj island, I was really pleased to discover many other singles and also some couples. I loved the mix of people and a variety of ages, characters, nationalities and cultures. Our guides were multi-lingual and helped to gel the group together from the start.

In addition to swimming at beautiful spots every day, and getting to know each other during the week, I came away with some new friendships. 

For all of you who may wonder, are these holidays for single people as well? Well, I would highly recommend it to you. Getting to know people in a relaxed and adventurous environment is a great way to meet like-minded people.

So, are swimming holidays for singles and solo travellers?… Absolutely… YES! Book now and you will want to return!

One of the other guests on the trip sent us a follow-up email:
“Amazing week of swimming in Croatia. Swimming 4-5 kms per day in the beautiful clear waters, both stunning coastal swims in the shallows (my favourite) and crossings through the deep blue and to finish off, we swam around the whole Krapanj island where we were staying at Hotel Spongiola. 3.6 km loop in ONE GO! Feeling very pleased with ourselves. Met some lovely people from all over and already planning the next swim adventure! Till next time just keep on swimming!”

Trip attended:
Swimming Croatian Islands

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