Join the stand up paddle boarding trend by joining us on a trip in Mediterranean Europe.

Stand up paddle boarding is an activity that compliments our swimming trips in the Mediterranean. If you want to travel and exercise on the open water, whether on lakes or the sea, then swimming and stand up paddle boarding are both great options.

Stand up paddle boarding is closely related to surfing though strongly relies on human power to move over the water. It is a sociable and environmentally friendly method of travel while being great for the body and mind. Different disciples include stand up paddling for outdoor recreation,  fitness, sightseeing, surfing, racing, white water, yoga and even fishing.

We have started to offer stand up paddle boards to our guests on some of our Mediterranean locations (Greece, Turkey, Croatia). This is another great way to enjoy being on the water and enjoy our stunning locations. We also noticed on our swim cruise trips that people like to use the boards outside of the guided swims to try yoga or just explore.

Whether you join our trips as a swimmer or as a partner or friend to a swimming guest, stand up paddle boarding is a great activity to try. We believe you will greatly enjoy being on or in the water. See below some photos or video clips. Available on our trips in Greece, Turkey, Croatia, why not give stand up paddle boarding a try.

Video clip from our European trips