Article from our guest about Croatian swimming trip

Our guest Jake Klauder from Oregon, USA, has been interviewed about his Croatian swimming trip with us for a local newspaper Herald and News.

Jake and his wife Christine attended our week-long trip in August 2014 with other guests. Here are some of the quotes they say in the interview about their aquatic experience with us.

– “Waters off the Croatian coast are so clear, fish can be seen beneath the surface. The water had a ‘magical quality,’ Jake Klauder recalls.”

– “Croatia is special and truly a marvel because it is so very primal. The coast is rock and sea, nothing more and nothing less. That’s a big part of what makes it so fabulous: clear, lovely waters surrounding a stony coastline and a myriad of rock-ringed islands. It is pure and unspoiled natural beauty…”

– “When you swim you are horizontal. Almost everything else we do in life we’re vertical. When you’re swimming, especially in clear water, it’s like gliding over the surface … It forces you to take a different perspective…”

– “For me, Croatia’s magic sea was as close to that as I will surely ever come…”

To read the full article, please visit the website. Article was published on September 26, 2014