Our guest Lynne uses a wheelchair to get around and she came to swim with us in Croatia and greatly enjoyed it. Please read her story about her experience.

We had a fantastic time on our Croatian Island Hopping holiday. I enjoyed myself much more than I had dared to hope I might!

So where do I start. Alexander was easy to spot in the airport with his Strel t-shirt and he was really helpful getting our stuff into the car, then helped us to understand what would happen and how everything works while being really easy to chat with and very pleasant company.  He got us to the hotel boat then made the effort to help us on and then off at the other side, into the hotel and made it a very relaxing start to the holiday.

The hotel was good, we should have advised them before about my reduced mobility then we might have had a room on the level the lift went to rather than having a few more steps to go up and down (a banister would help). The staff were really pleasant and ‘went the extra mile’ to make sure we were comfortable and happy.  The food is good and there was plenty to choose from. The room was a lovely size with a great view from the window. The Wi-Fi is really appreciated too. 

Swimming Holidays Croatia

But the best bits of the holiday were with you guys:

– This was my first time doing open water swimming but I am sure it won’t be my last!

– The video of our technique was interesting but the feedback in the evening was really helpful and a great laugh – I learned from the advice to everyone else too – though I still have to remind myself to fix one thing at a time not try to do everything at once…

– Each swim you took us on felt different – some were great as we swam along the coast others it was the fish etc in the area that were really interesting but every time it was great fun.

– I found it difficult getting out of the water on to the boat at first but wearing some water shoes and with everyone being so very kind solved that.

– The group were fantastic, we really do miss them and hope everyone is well – it is amazing how quickly we were all “best friends” despite coming from various parts of the world, with very mixed backgrounds, mixed age groups and very different swimming abilities.

You organised a great holiday – always adapting to the weather, tide etc. You always knew where would be good to swim and when I couldn’t swim the whole distance you just arranged it so that I could go in at a suitable time – no fuss, no hassle just made it work for us all.

I have been recommending you to loads of people, mostly people at work – so I won’t be surprised if you get lots of people from the English Midlands next year.

Swimming holiday Croatia

I thoroughly recommend your swim holidays to the people who are thinking like I was:

1) Yes I love swimming but can I do all that? Just tell us how far you want to swim and we will tell you when to get in.

2) What about me being able to get to and from the boat? You just put the wheelchair on the front out of the way of the group – no problems.

3) What about getting about on a boat? It is much easier than it sounds – there are loads of rails / places to hold on.

4) Will I spoil the holiday for the others? No, the team flexed everything so that everyone enjoyed the whole trip.

5) Will I be able to get there and back? The airline sorted my travel and Alexander picked us up at the airport / dropped us back – no problems.

And Mick who can swim really well recommends this holiday to everyone who enjoys a good long swim…

So – no excuses, treat yourself!!! If you like to swim then this is THE holiday for you!

Swim Holiday Croatia 2014

Thank you to everyone on the Strel Team.

Lynne & Mick, guests on Croatia trip in August 2014

Entire photo gallery from the trip