Read the review of swimming on Lake Powell with us written by one of our guests in 2013.

Borut and Martin Strel have the best kept secret in open water swimming!

I have swum in some pretty amazing places… between the Isles of Greece, the warm waters of the Caribbean, off the Turquoise Coast of Turkey and at least a dozen other exotic ports of call, but nothing compares to the dramatic landscapes of Lake Powell.  We swam in perfectly temperate waters with warm sun on our backs for 3 days.  Whether you are a left or a right-side breather, there were colorful buttes and mesas in your eyesight at every breath.

Our days started with a comfortable boat ride that afforded everyone plenty of Kodak moments of the surrounding canyons.  Our swims? (both the morning and the afternoon) … not too long, not too short. Borut and Martin always gave us the option of adding on or enjoying a little break if we wanted some sunning.  But how many times do you get the chance to swim with The Big River Man?? Needless to say, we made the most of it!

They anticipated our every need without ever having to ask.  Lunches were healthy and tasty with plenty for seconds… no one went hungry.  Evenings out were warm with camaraderie.

I think one of the greatest testimonials to the relaxed, yet professional swim holiday, was the fact that our group included 7 guests that traveled all the way from Australia based on previous experience with the Strel Swimming Adventures.  As for me, I will be a walking commercial to anyone that is looking for an all inclusive open water get-away.

Pat, USA, October 2013


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