Lake Powell is a man-made body of Colorado water that floods immense canyons in the northern Arizona wilderness. We operate a unique canyon swimming adventure tours on this lake for several years.

Epic backdrops, big walls and massive red rocks make Lake Powell the world’s largest reflecting pool, a liquid hall of mirrors.

Gare Joyce is a prominent Canadian writer whose work has made it to the notable list of the best American sports writing and won several Canadian national awards. He is also an intrepid swimmer and enjoys the pleasure of aquatic experience. He came to our Lake Powell trip in October 2012 to write a feature story about Martin Strel and his Lake Powell adventure. To make the 4-page article as best as possible, magazine also sent  a professional photographer to shoot Martin in the water of Lake Powell.

NOTE! There is one mistake in the article. Water temperature of the Lake Powell was 76F (25C) and not 66F (17C).

Read the whole article – Life Aquatic with Martin Strel.

Photos by Bryce Duffy,

VIDEO CLIP from this trip in September 2013