Martin Strel successfully completed the extreme swim in the Glen Canyon on the Colorado River (from the Glen Dam to the entrance of the Grand Canyon)!

The total distance swam was 19 miles including few repeated turns Martin had to perform for a TV crew following him.  We did not obtain a permit to further continue with the swim into the Grand canyon Park.

The water temperature throughout the entire swim was extremely cold (46-47 F or 7-8 C), and Martin’s biggest problem was breathing in the water. We had a great escort provided by Colorado River Discovery team! We recommend you to go on their amazing raft trip!

The next day he also swam on Lake Powell, Arizona, for additional aerial and underwater cinematography. We cannot wait to see this amazing TV show come out. It is called, “Stan Lee’s Superhumans” and as it looks, Martin’s sequence will premiere in early September in the USA. As soon as we know the final details, we will let you know.

Martin is coming to our swimming trips to Croatia on June 18-24 (last few days) and to Slovenia on July 1-4 and July 5-8. You can take this chance and meet world famous swimmer in person. He will swim with us the whole trip!