We went and promoted ourselves at U.S. Masters Spring Nationals in Mesa, Arizona during April 29-May 01

Nearly 2000 USA swimmers and spectators attended US Spring Masters at Kino Aquatic Center. We set up a last-minute stall at the venue and thanks to all organizers for having us there. We truly enjoyed being part of this amazingly popular event which shows how popular swimming is.

Master swimmers from across the country gather there for 4 days, compete and mainly have fun. Remember, swimming is a life sport and this event firmly testified what master swimmers can do. The oldest female attending was 96 and the oldest male 95 years old! Truly inspiring seeing them jumping into a pool and getting out smiling! Wish we all get there one day…

We attracted a lot of attention with our swimming adventure trips and Martin´s Grand Canyon action swim. All hand in hand it worked out very well and we look forward to being part of more upcoming events.

We would not be open water swimmers without swimming in open water. There is a nice Lake Saguaro near Mesa, AZ where we did a few miles swim in the early morning with local swimmers from Narwhal Overboard club. Thanks guys for organizing it. What a great way to start off your day! If you do it yourself, make sure you do it before boats get out on the lake and have an escort.

See you in the water!