Swimming Turkey trip

We often talk to our guests about what they think of our trips. Susan Goldsworthy is a former British Olympic finalist and master swimming world record holder.

Today she is a successful international speaker about business leadership, book author, mother and wife. She has completed 3 of our swimming trips (Croatia, Slovenia and Swim Sail Turkey) and is about to do 2 more this year (Lake Powell and Montenegro).

Please have a look below at how she describes her Strel Swim Sail Turkey experience.

She spent 8 days with us living aboard traditional Turkish gulet.

For her Strel Swimming brand stands for: S-Sailing, T-Turkey (Turtles),

R-Relaxation, E-Expertise, L-Laughter.

Some of the Susan´s quotes:

“It´s been a fabulous trip, the boat is luxurious, en-suite cabins, it´s just heaven…”

“Whether we are swimming, kayaking, wind-surfing, visiting ancient ruins and turtles, they have been fantastic. Swimming with turtles is a dream.”

“We have a brilliant guide Borut Strel supported by Laura, who makes us feel totally safe and motivates us to do more than we otherwise would.”

“That´s what is great about this trips, they are good for anybody. It does not matter how good swimmer you are, it´s for the casual swimmer, triathletes, or former competitive swimmers.  The schedule works for everyone.”

Susan attended our Turkish gulet swimming trip in October 2015.

Website source Susan Goldsworty.