Green Slovenia swimming

Slovenia is a small EU country, located in the heart of Europe between Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia.

It is also known as the only country in Europe that combines the Mediterranean, the Alps, the Pannonian Plain and the Karst.

In Slovenian you can ski in the mountains and swim in the Adriatic sea in the same day. Everything is so close in this pocket sized country. Slovenia is very green and therefore placed as the 3rd most forested country in Europe. A big part of the country (around 60%) is covered by forest which makes it very environmentally friendly and attractive for ecological tourism. Tourism is also one of the main industries in Slovenia.

Every year Yale makes a report of best countries for the environment. This year all countries are in Europe and Slovenia is one of them.

1. Finland

2. Iceland

3. Sweden

4. Denmark

5. Slovenia

Well done Slovenia! So, if you on plan on coming to visit this stunning green country then why not come to swim with us on our Slovenian lakes and river trip. Read more about our 4-day swimming holidays in Slovenia.

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