Sydney from London, UK, describes her swimming experience in Slovenia.

Q: You came to our swimming holidays with your mum. I would like to ask you how do you feel it about?

A: It´s fantastic. Swimming with these views around is amazing and I am not a particular strong swimmer, but it´s still a fantastic thing to do.

Q: Wow. What do you think about the water quality?

A: So clear. I guess it´s quite deep, but when it´s not so deep, you can just see straight to the bottom and then you see all the fish and it´s incredible.

Q: What is your general opinion about Slovenia as a country?

A: It´s a beautiful country. Everywhere you go the views are incredible, it´s just a lovely place to be.

We´ve swam in a couple of lakes, we walked to the waterfall which was incredible and we swam through a river. And the water quality is so clear, at some point you can just see right to the bottom and all the fish. It´s really lovely.

I am from Putney in London and I am here on a swimming holiday in Slovenia with my mom. She is a really keen swimmer and was really keen on doing this. I am not such a strong swimmer, but I swim a bit and then get in the boat… and the views, it´s lovely.

Thank you Sydney for doing this interview on Lake Bohinj, one of our favourite swimming lakes there. Read more about our Slovenian lake trips.