Join us in 2018

Come on our Mediterranean sea swimming holidays in Croatia, Turkey, Montenegro or Greece. Our 2018 swimming trips are now in full operation. We are currently finishing an unforgettable swim-sail trip in Turkey. Our Croatian islands trips have started and everyone is enjoying the warm waters.

Next week we are starting our exciting trips in the Montenegro Fjords. This relatively new country offers an amazing swimming and exploring experience. For instance we cruise and swim in the Bay of Kotor, Tivat, Blue cave and around Mamula island. Dolphins live in the bay so we sometimes see them! The area has a fantastic landscape which certainly boasts a wild and natural beauty. In particular you can see submarine tunnels and Mamula island. Kotor town nearby, is Unesco protected and also worth visiting.

Fresh Water

If you prefer swimming in freshwater we also run Slovenian Lakes trips. You can certainly look forward to swimming through crystal clear waters surrounded by Julian alpine mountains. See scenic vistas and pretty churches perched on top of forested hills. During the trip you will swim to the only island in Slovenia, positioned in the centre of the beautiful Lake Bled.

Here is a review from our recent swim-sail cruise trip in May. Read about the trip highlights including why our guests loved it so much!

Choose to do a swimming holiday in 2018. Join us on our Mediterranean swimming holidays in Croatia, Turkey, Montenegro and Greece. Above all you will explore, discover and have an adventure!