See below for three of our latest customers interviews filmed on our Montenegro location.

Borut: Hi Dave, you started swimming three weeks ago by watching Youtube clips and here you end up swimming in open water. How was that experience?

Dave: Spectacular, the water was crystal clear, there was not too much swell, so it was really useful for first time open water swimmer, I really enjoyed it.

Borut: What was the most exciting when you went into the water, what did you feel different than swimming in a pool?

Dave: It was the non stop, no turns, you could just keep going and practise your stroke. So I really found out that beneficial because I did have to keep stopping at the end. I think that benefited me.

Borut: Did you feel safe swimming  with us while you were in the water or on a boat with us?

Dave: Absolutely, there is a boat close by, so I kept aiming for the boat and if I ever felt worried, I could just grab the hold of the boat, take on some water and set off again.

Borut: Thank you very much and we hope to see you again the future.


Borut: You came all the way from Australia. How was swimming in Montenegro for you as you have done our trip twice?

Ann: Yes, I came back for the second time because I thoroughly enjoyed it last year. I love the mountain backdrops, swimming within the fjords,  and there is a different area we can swim every day.

Borut: You also did some cycling prior our swimming trip. How was that?

Ann: Thoroughly enjoyed, I love Montenegro. That´s why I came back this year, to explore the country.

Borut:  So do you think this trip is good for triathletes as well?

Ann: Definitely, there is mountains there, good strength work for cycling. You can also run. And open water swimming is to beneficial to your triathlon.


Borut:  Hello Sandy and Tim, we are here in Montenegro and you came all the way from San Diego, USA.

How did you enjoy swimming in Montenegro?

Sandy: It was great, it was something we could do together. The cave was beautiful, all levels had a great time, it was a great experience.

Tim:  The water was beautiful, the swimming was nice and the sea food is great!

We would do it again!

Borut: How did you enjoy swimming around Mamula island?

Sandy: Beautiful, nothing like that back in the states.

Tim: Water was nice, lots to see, so it was great.

Borut: Fantastic, so it was worth coming all the way to Europe for this?

Sandy, Tim: Definitely, we´ll do it again! Thank you.


All interviews were filmed in September 2015 in Kotor Bay, Montenegro. Strel Swimming team thanks all the guests for their participation. More about Montenegro trip.