Are you tired of working from home, ongoing lockdowns and cannot wait for summer vacations 2021? You are not alone. Look no further and explore our adventure swimming holiday trips in the open waters! We swim in the lakes, rivers and mostly in the blue Mediterranean sea. From Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, Arizona and more. Here is how you can cool off and plan an exciting swimming holiday trip splashing in the waves.

Book with a reliable holiday company

It is always a good idea to get in touch and book with a reliable and reputable company to make a booking in advance. Do make sure that you go through the holiday packages they offer and ask any questions you may need. Discuss with them your preferences in detail. Research their trip options in the sea, river and lakes and decide which option works best for you. Check out also some of past customer reviews that may help you make a final decision.

Compare the rates of various trip packages

Before taking the final decision, it is advisable to compare the rates offered for all holiday packages. Go through the peak time charges and see if there are any off-season discounts or family packages offered. Do your research well before finalising your trip?

The costs that you need to cover will include flight tickets, accommodation, meals and other expenses such as hiring an escort boat, insurance, etc. Plan your investments wisely and keep extra cash handy for unexpected expenses.

Complete a swimming training program

If you are a newbie and are not used to complete open water swimming, it is a good option to get yourself and your family enrolled in a swimming training program. We have put tother a simple four week swimming training program which is more than enough to get you ready for our trip.

Having to swim for more than a mile at a stretch can be a challenging task. You do not want your body to ache after such a long span of swimming. A good training course can help your body loosen up and get flexible enough to be able to sustain rigorous swimming situations.

Decide which group to join

Based on swimming abilities, most companies divide swimmers into two or three speed groups. The groups comprise of slow, middle and fast swimmers. There will be a short assessment swim prior to your trip to make sure you will be put into the right group. You can suggest which group you wish to be included in, based on your abilities and training results, but this is best to discuss with your swimming guide on location. Also, you can switch groups during the holiday trip if you wish to.

Pack the essentials

Though a swimming trip can be quite exciting, it is important that you do not get carried away. Fun and enthusiasm aside, you need to make sure that you have packed the fight things for your swimming holiday trip. First, you need to make sure you have extra swimsuits with you. This way, you will not have to wait for your suits to dry for your next adventure during the trip. We recommend having at least two ‘already in use’ swimming goggles. The best is to have them tested at home before coming on a trip. One dark ones and one clear ones. Sunglare can make open water swimming difficult if you don’t have the right vision.

Also, make sure you have your goggles and hat to save you from the elements. It is a good idea to keep a spare handy at all times. Apart from that, you will also need lots of sunscreen, so carry sunscreen of a good quality with you. Other essentials include: water bottle, sunglasses, towel, sun hat, sandals and even a light sweater in case it gets too windy for you. Optional items can be: fins, tow-floats, dietary supplements, drink tablets, gps watch ot tracker.

Bring along the right gadgets

Sport camera glasses and a reliable underwater camera (Go pro and such) can help you capture memorable moments from your trip and enjoy them again and again later on in life. Also, you can use the camera footage to study and improve the swimming techniques of yours and your trip mates as well.

Travel insurance

We highly recommend booking a travel insurance as soon as you book our trip arrangements. Make sure they cover for what you want. Travel can be unpredictable and we suggest to get a comprehensive coverage for several events before, during and after the trip.

Final note – have a great time

Given above are some of the ways in which you can plan for an exciting swimming holiday with other friends and have an experience of a lifetime. Many swimmers return to our trips year after year and we hope you will be one of them.

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