We hope you have started 2021 well, above all in good health. European winter is usually a strong booking season for our upcoming summer swimming holidays so we are seeing a growing demand after several vaccination rollouts have been announced. Travel abroad is looking more positive for the year ahead and we have trips scheduled from May until the end of October 2021.

Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Montenegro – more than 50 swimming holiday departures available

We have a long history of running quality swimming trips in the Mediterranean. If you fancy swimming between the Croatian islands we certainly have two great trips available.

Croatian Island Hopping in June-July-August-September, 2021.
Croatian Elaphiti Islands-Dubrovnik in July 2021.


If you are looking for the warmest and turquoise waters, then our Mediterranean Turkish trips would be the best recommendation.

Turkish Lycian Coast – Kas in May-June-September-October, 2021.
Bozburun Peninsula in July-September-October 2021.
Swim-Sail Cruise – Lycian Way in May-October 2021.


If peace and a far away from crowds island base is your preference, then we recommend our Greek Symi swimming odyssey. Symi is an island not far from Rhodes with spectacular mountainous coastline and also clear blue Aegean beaches.

Greek Symi Swimming Odyssey in June-July-September-October, 2021.

Swimming down the river from mill-to-mill

In addition to our Slovenian lakes trip, we are launching a new 4-day river swimming holiday trip this season. So you can experience swimming from mill-to-mill in the river with water temperatures of around 25C in August 2021.

Kolpa river is one of the cleanest rivers in Europe. Located on the border between Croatia and Slovenia, it has no motorised boat traffic in it’s upper part. You will feel a slight current push, see several freshwater fish and we will also need to navigate around the river dams. All of that combined makes the whole river swimming adventure so interesting. 

Kolpa River Swimming Holiday in August 2021.

Lake Powell Swimming Vacation, USA

Since 2013 we have been running our Lake Powell canyon swimming trips in Arizona and Utah and we are back this September and October. You will not only experience some of the most scenic freshwater swimming in the world, but also the dramatic landscape of the Glen Canyon National Park. If you have a partner that prefers kayaking alongside for instance, this is an option as well. Check out our Wild West of America lake swimming adventure! 

Swimming Vacation Lake Powell in September-October 2021.

Flexible Booking Options

We also understand that you may have worries what if travel restrictions are in place in coutries where we run trips or in your home country. Don’t worry, we have flexible booking options available so you should be fine making future plans. However, we also hihgly recommned getting a comprehensive travel insurance against any last minute unforseen events.

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