Travel Advice – Coronavirus

TRAVEL ADVICE – Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak

10th May 2020

These FAQs will help you decide if you wish to change your trip booking due to the coronavirus outbreak. Free of charge departure changes are currently allowed for all our trips until 31 July 2020. For trip departures starting in August 2020 or afterwards, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

What if I cancel the trip?

  • A) If you provide us with 65 days notice (90 days for Swim-Sail cruise trips) or more before your trip departure the payments you have already made will be transferred into credit to use towards another trip. No cancellation fee will be charged and you can re-book our trip this or next season (2021).
  • If you have already paid in full and prefer payment to be refunded back to you, our normal terms and conditions will apply, which include a cancellation fee.
  • B) Your notice is less than 65 days (90 days for Swim-Sail cruise trips) before your trip departure.
    Our normal terms and conditions will apply. Your deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable to future trips.
  • If you have already paid in full and prefer payment to be refunded back to you, our normal terms and conditions will apply, which include a cancellation fee.
  • Should you need an official letter to claim for your trip cancellation using travel insurance we are happy to provide that for you.
  • You may have other friends or family members who may want to join the trip instead of you. We are happy to make this name change on your booking free of charge.

How do I cancel the trip?
Please email us at with your order number, trip date, destination and all the guests booked on your booking (order number).

How do I make a change or re-book my trip?
Please email us at with at least 65 days notice to defer your trip. There will be no admin fee for this change.

What if we (Strel Swimming) postpone the trip?

  • If we make trip changes we will offer you a full credit towards a future trip date this (2020) or next season (2021).
  • We will use relevant government travel advice when making our decision to make trip changes. This will include the advice of the country where our trip runs as well as the UK FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office).
  • Unforeseen organisational or operational reasons may also cause us to postpone your trip.

When will I know if my trip is postponed by Strel Swimming?
We will aim to contact you around 4-5 weeks before the trip departure date if we make the decision to postpone or make changes to the trip.

When will the 2021 trip dates be available?
We plan to open our 2021 dates as soon as we can make arrangements with our partners (hotels and boats). Some trips will be available already in April and May this year (2020).

How do I book a trip with my Future Credit?
Please select a new trip and make a new booking online. On the last page (Checkout), please select the first payment option: Future Credit or Bank transfer (Wire transfer). Once we receive your order, we will then confirm your booking with your credit with us valid for 2020 or 2021 season. More info at


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25 May 2020: Montenegro becomes Europe’s first coronavirus-free state

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