Lake Bohinj

Venice is one of those places that everyone wants to see at least once in a life-time. This Italian, world-renowned city is miraculously built on the water and known for its popular tourist sights. Travelling from Venice to Slovenia can be done in a few different ways.

Some would say a day is enough, others would say a week isn´t enough time to spend there. We leave this up to you. If you want to come and see Venice and then join our swimming holiday trip in Slovenia, here is our guide of how you can travel efficiently from Venice to Slovenia.

1) By mini-bus Venice – Ljubljana – Lake Bohinj

You can book our partner transfer company Go Opti. They operate in Italy and Slovenia and are widely known for their service quality. They run on a basis of shared rides with other people and keep the cost very low. Once you book at their easy to navigate website, they will send you a time-frame when they will pick you up at the location on email and mobile. You can book to travel from several places in Venice including the airport, railway station, bus station and more.

Once in Ljubljana (Slovenia), you can then stay overnight or travel straight onward to Lake Bohinj. To get to our swimming location, when booking you need to select as a final destination: Bus station, Bohinjska Bistrica and put as additional info that your final town is Hotel Jezero at Ribcev Laz. If you stay in Ljubljana city for a day, you can go the next day with a national bus line from Ljubljana to Bohinj Jezero (Lake Bohinj). Buses run every full hour from the main bus station in the centre and the cost is around 11 Eur. You can buy tickets at the counter.

Cost: Venice – Ljubljana, around 25 Eur/person, Ljubljana – Lake Bohinj (Bohinjska Bistrica), around 20 Eur

Total cost: 45-50 Eur/person.

Travel time: Venice – Ljubljana, around 2.5 hrs, Ljubljana – Lake Bohinj, around 2 hrs,

Total time: 4.5 hrs.

The entire journey time depends on how many people join the ride and how many, if any, stops are on the way. The service is 100% guaranteed once you book. They take all major credit/debit card online.

Venice Italy

2) By train Venice – Gorizia (Italy), Nova Gorica – Bohinjska Bistrica (Slovenia)

To make it by train from Venice to our location Lake Bohinj in Slovenia you need to take two train rides to make it there. First leg is from either Venezia Maestre or Venezia Santa Lucia station to Gorizia Centrale station near the Slovenian border. Once there you need to either walk 3km or take a taxi (5 Eur) to the Slovenian train station in Nova Gorica (New Goriza) and then you take the second train to Bohinjska Bistrica (Slovenia). Bohinjska Bistrica is 7km away from Lake Bohinj, our hotel. You can call us or take a local taxi (8 Eur) to pick you up.

Italian trains website: (time tables + booking available online in English)

Slovenian trains website: (you pay on the station or on the train)

Cost: 1st leg train: Venice – Gorizia (Italy) – 15 Eur, 1st taxi ride: 5 Eur, 2nd leg train: Nova Goriza – Bohinjska Bistrica (Slovenia) – 6 Eur),  2nd taxi ride: 8 Eur

Total cost: 34 Eur/person.

Travel time: Venice – Gorizia (Italy) – 2h 30 min, 1st taxi ride: 5 min, 2nd leg train: Nova Goriza – Bohinjska Bistrica (Slovenia) – 1h 15 min,  2nd taxi ride: 10 min,

Total time: 4 hrs.

Some train times examples for July 2016 season are attached below. Trains go pretty much every 2 hours from all stations.

If you want to go by train from Venice to Ljubljana city in Slovenia, you will need to go via Austria (Villach) which takes much longer in time.  Both Italy and Slovenia are in the EU zone, so there is no passport control when crossing the borders.

Trains in Austria, you can book online:

I hope this helps and we get to see you on our lake swimming trip in Slovenia.


1) Travelling from Venice to Slovenia PDF

2) Sample train times summer 2016 from Venice to Gorizia (Italy)

3) Sample train times summer 2016 from Nova Goriza – Bohinjska Bistrica (Slovenia)