Turkey Cruise Swim Trip Review: May 2019
We want to share with you a guest review for our Turkey swim cruise trip. Jo did the trip in May this year and has written about her experience. Turkey is a beautiful country to visit and a fantastic location for our swim cruise trips. Here is Jo's review for the Lycian way cruise, May…
Group Swimming Week on Symi Island, Greece
Swimming on Symi island, Greece This past week on Symi island, Greece, we hosted a great open water swimming group from Melbourne, Australia. Most of the guests have done our trips in the past and regularly come to Europe to swim in open water. Greek island hopping has been on their list for a while…
Swimming trips in the Mediterranean in May
Our 2019 swimming trips have started in Kas, Turkey and on our Swim-Sail cruise and here are some of the things we did during the first weeks. Day 1 of the trip did not disappoint! During the first swim, everybody saw a sea turtle and were able to admire it as it swam by. We…
Best open water swimming locations in Mediterranean Turkey
Discover the best open water swimming locations in Mediterranean Turkey. Photos were taken on our recent trip during 11-17 May, 2019 on the Lycian Coast. Kaputas beach and Blue Cave (Mavi Magara) Swimming Kas islands (Adalar) Swimming the Lycian Coast - Inönü Bay Swimming in Aperlai - Sunken City
Swimming vacation around Dubrovnik islands in Croatia
The Trip of a Lifetime. Swim vacations offer Masters swimmers the opportunity to explore beautiful open water destinations. “Follow the shoreline for 1 kilometer to the mouth of the bay,” says Borut Strel. co-founder of the swim vacation company Strel Swimming Adventures. “We’ll rendezvous there before we go across.” Clad from head to toe in…
Top 10 sea swimming holiday places in Turkey
Top 10 sea swimming holiday places in Southern Turkey (Lycian Coast) Güvercin Island - Kas Peninsula (Antalya). Limanagzi Bay - Kas. Gemiler Island - St. Nicolas. Gokayya Bay - near Kekova island. Kekova islands near Simena castle. Aperlai Bay - Lykia. UfakDere Bay - Lykia. Kas-Kastellorizo - Five Islands. Sogut Bay. Bozzukale Bay. Southern Turkey…
Lake Powell Best Swim Vacation
As an avid recreational swimmer, I was surprised but thrilled to find an exclusive outdoor "swim vacation" advertised. Although I would have loved to travel to Europe, I decided to stay stateside and booked my trip to Lake Powell. In anticipation of my trip, I repeatedly watched the website videos, hoping that my experience would…
Swimming Lakes in Slovenia
Read an amazing adventure article about swimming lakes in Slovenia with the legendary marathon swimmer Martin Strel. Writer Kate travels on our 4-day swimming holiday trip as a guest to experience what it takes to swim across Lake Bled, Bohinj, Predil and Soca river. Martin Strel doesn’t look like an elite athlete. When I meet…
Stand up paddle boarding in Europe
Join the stand up paddle boarding trend by joining us on a trip in Mediterranean Europe. Stand up paddle boarding is an activity that compliments our swimming trips in the Mediterranean. If you want to travel and exercise on the open water, whether on lakes or the sea, then swimming and stand up paddle boarding…